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Gator Basketball Vs. USA

The Gators have a huge challenge, facing Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Christian Laettner and the rest of the 1992 USA Dream Team.

Actually, if those guys showed up, Jordan would be surrounded by women, Magic would be fat and Laettner would be begging for change. But the Gators (8-2, 18/18) do face USA tonight; University of South Alabama (8-4). The Fighting (maybe) Jaguars should not present much of a challenge as their best win was against a exploding Arkansas. But that should give the Jags confidence, which is boosted by Florida not being able to hit the ocean while standing on South Beach last weekend in South Florida. The loss against Richmond is already testing Billy Donovan's patience.

Donovan was asked if [the Richmond loss] could serve as a wake-up call for the Gators.

"I hope the last two years" — in which the Gators missed the NCAA Tournament both times — "would be a wake up call," he said.

Ah, that's the Billy I like to see.