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Back To The Drawing Board

Billy Donovan has no other choice than to overhaul this team. Billy The Kid was a jumpshooter, but when your guards (Erving Walker, Kenny Boynton) are 6-21 and your wannabe forwards (Chandler Parsons, Dan Werner) are 2-14, it will take more than sprints to erase the stain of a 67-66 loss to South Alabama. This was embarrassing. A once proud program now has to deal with 3 of 22 3-point shooting, and losing three consecutive games after starting 8-0. There is no excuse for this.

This was not on TV to most of Florida, but it would not be hard to guess there was a lack of intensity. College basketball lends itself to these upsets, but they don't happen because the underdog is a better team. Florida fans thought that after two years, the garbage was thrown out, and these guys knew that the names on the jerseys guaranteed them nothing. Not so. As it is, we're all dumbfounded. And something's got to change quickly. Otherwise, these boys will get coal in their stockings and a third straight trip to the NIT.