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Alligator Army Gator Of The Decade

These are the men who made us laugh, cheer and in all cases, wonder how long they would stay in Gainesville. But most importantly, they are all champions. The nominees for Gator Of The Decade;

Billy Donovan (1996-Present): Two National Championships (2006, 2007), three National Finalists (2000, 2006, 2007), eight NCAA appearances in this decade (2000-07). Three SEC Tournament Championships (2005-2007) and three SEC Regular Season Championships (2000-01, 2007). Turned down the NBA and Kentucky. Four of his former assistants are Division 1 coaches, including two in the SEC.

Green, Humphrey, Brewer, Horford, Noah (2004-07): The only starting five to win consecutive National Championships. Two National Championships (2006-2007), three SEC Tournament Championships (2005-2007), one SEC Regular Season Championship (2007). 6-1 against Kentucky. In the 2006 SEC season, they lost two home games, the only home games they lost as a starting five. Brewer, Horford, Noah all turned down top-10 draft pick money for another championship, and got the top-10 money anyway.

Urban Meyer (2005-Present): Two National Championships (2006, 2008), two SEC Championships (2006, 2008), three SEC East Championships (2006, 2008-09). Has lost three games to the annual rivals; Florida State (5-0), Georgia (4-1), LSU (3-2) and Tennessee (5-0). 3-1 in bowl games. Recruited Tim Tebow. Three of former assistants are Division 1 coaches, including one in SEC.

Tim Tebow (2006-09): One National Championship as a contributing backup (2006), one National Championship as a starter (2008). 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, AP Player of The Year, Davey O'Brien Award (best quarterback), 2007-08 Maxwell Award (best player), AP First Team All-American. The Greatest Football Player in Florida History and arguably one of the top-20 college players of all-time.