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Players Concerned With Urban Meyer's Health

From Jeremy Fowler at the Orlando Sentinel;

When safety Major Wright thinks about the sensitivity of heart issues, he doesn’t want his coach to become a cautionary tale.

"This is crazy.  This man might literally die over literally a football game," Wright said. " That’s why everyone is like, ‘Oh my god. We can’t really just look at is as ‘Oh, Urban’s leaving. Why is he doing this, why is he doing that?’…They say he has heart issues, I’m going to take it serioulsy. You don’t want to lose a guy like that over football."

The jackass in me thinks, "Maybe if you didn't miss so many assignments against Alabama, Meyer would be ok." But, no matter what happened against Alabama, or if UF had less chaos (Tim Tebow's concussion, Brandon Spikes' eye exams, Carlos Dunlap's DUI), Meyer is still in this situation. That the players are impacted was only a matter of time. Just like you would be impacted by your father letting you know he has a cyst on his brain and his heart might not be working, the players are rightfully concerned.

Some of you who think that if Joe Haden, The Major, Ahmad Black, Dunlap, Aaron Hernandez, and the Pounceys are really concerned, they wouldn't declare for the draft. But guess what? Those guys have to do what is right for them, not what's right for Meyer or the Florida Gators. When they came to Florida, they were doing what they thought was right for themselves. You can worry about your coach and still take advantage of your talent and go to the NFL.