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Last Call For Alligator Army All-Decade Awards

Thursday is the last day of the decade, which means today is the last day of voting in the Alligator Army All-Decade Awards. Here are our nominees and be sure to click on each category to vote.

Gator Of The Decade: Donovan, the 2005-07 Gator Starting Five, Meyer, Tebow

Classic Moments In Championship Mode Games Of The Decade

Basketball Game Of The Decade

Football Game Of The Decade

All-Decade Basketball Award

All-Decade Basketball Player: Humphrey, Brewer, Horford, Green, Noah

All-Decade Football Team


Quarterback: Grossman, Leak, Tebow

Running Back: Graham, Fason, Wynn, Harvin, Demps

Wide Receivers: Gaffney, Jacobs, Jackson, Baker, Caldwell, Harvin, Cooper

Tight End: Troupe, Ingram, Hernandez

Center: Degory, Rissler, Ma. Pouncey

Guards: Snell, Mitchell, Miller, Tartt, Mi. Pouncey

Tackles: Walker, Pearson, Starks, Trautwein, Watkins


Ends: Brown, Moss, Harvey, Cunningham, Dunlap

Tackles: Scott, Cohen, McDonald, Harris, Sanders, Marsh

Linebackers: Davis, Hardmon, Crowder, Everett, Siler, Spikes, Stamper

Cornerbacks: Ratliff, Lewis, Smith, Haden, Jenkins

Safeties: Sheppard, Johnson, Scott, Nelson, Black, Wright

Punters: Wilbur, Henry

Kickers: Chandler, Leach, Phillips

Returners: Sheppard, Ratliff, James