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Alligator Army All-Decade Team

Your selections for The Alligator Army All-Decade Team. Thanks to everyone who voted. Notes and stats below.

K:Jeff Chandler RB:Percy Harvin 
TE:Aaron Hernandez QB:Tim Tebow WR:Andre Caldwell
WR:Percy Harvin^  T:Phil Trautwein G:Mike Pouncey C:Maurkice Pouncey G: Jim Tartt T:Kenyatta Walker WR:Jabar Gaffney 
CB:Joe Haden DE:Alex Brown DT:Ian Scott
DT:Ray McDonald DE:Derrick Harvey  CB:Keiwan Ratliff
LB:Channing Crowder
LB:Brandon Siler 
LB:Brandon Spikes
 S:Reggie Nelson  
DB:Lito Sheppard*

P:Chas Henry

R:Brandon James

^ Leading vote getters on each side. Percy Harvin was on 92% of wide receiver ballots, Joe Haden was on 90% of cornerbacks. Tim Tebow received .011% less than Harvin and Reggie Nelson received .003% less than Haden.

* I incorrectly listed cornerback Lito Sheppard as a safety and never caught it. However, he was selected as second best safety, so he is included as DB. I think if it was done correctly, you probably switch Ratliff for The Major Wright with Sheppard becoming CB. 

- In what I thought was a surprise, Derrick Harvey gets the edge over Jarvis Moss for defensive end. The difference was two votes.