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Urban Meyer Going The Wrong Way In New Orleans

New Orleans has inspired many men and taken away many men too. The latest seems to be Urban Meyer, who has gone from a stressball who wanted to retire, to a lunatic who wants to comeback, to a guy who really doesn't know what is going on but is fighting with a machine gun. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson would never write about a guy making $4 million a year, since they were for the blue-collar working man. But they might write about a man who came to New Orleans in the midst of a career crisis.

The latest page to this chapter of Urban Meyer's life was today's press conference, which went from Urban's standard coach speak of the game to the press exercising their First Amendment right. No matter what you feel about the ethics of releasing the 911 call from Shelley Meyer from Urban's episode on December 6, it exposed that Meyer and/or the UAA lied. The press does not look kindly on this and neither should you. Meyer is not paid with taxpayer dollars, but he is an official that makes money for a public institution. That is why it should have been before today that Meyer admitted that he wasn't in Shands for dehydration. His flippant response did not help.

Instead of attacking this situation, Meyer thinks that he can just take the blows. But that's what got him here in the first place. Non-denial denials only draw more questions. Even if Meyer goes into media blackout after the Sugar Bowl, the questions continue. Recruits are asked when Meyer returns (RB Mack Brown told ESPNU that Meyer said he'd be back in August), players will be asked at Pro Day, Billy Donovan will be asked after games, and Gator coaches will be chased across the South. 

Either Meyer or the UAA has read this situation wrong. First, they announce the resignation before the Sugar Bowl, taking attention away from the seniors and an outstanding Cincinnati team. The flip-flop isn't as bad, since Florida has cornered the market on this. But not answering simple questions is not helping. The press, like the fans, will give Meyer a certain amount of benefit of the doubt. The press will still chase as will fans. But both groups need some real information, which Meyer will not provide. All of this has only happened in a week, so maybe things are still in the works. But these are professionals. It shouldn't take a week to figure out what Steve Addazio's role is. 

You should still have faith in Meyer and place pretty good odds on him being back by summer. It would be nice if he would trust us and start talking about what is really going on. I don't give a damn if Lane Kiffin uses it against recruits. I care about Florida first.