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Matt Elam Is The First Recruiting Casualty Of Meyer Decision

From The Orlando Sentinel;

Florida State commitment Jeff Luc of Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast tells the Orlando Sentinel today that top state of Florida prospect Matt Elam has decomitted from the Florida Gators and has told him he will join Luc in Tallahassee to play for the Seminoles.

Elam had been wavering for quite some time, according to various news reports. Elam, a wide receiver/defensive back from Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer, is the top rated prospect on the Sentinel's state of Florida top 100.

If you watched the 4A State Championship Game, you saw how good Elam could be. The five-star had more than 180 yards rushing and three touchdowns in a 42-14 win over Niceville. A lot of us seem to be occupied with the thought of Lane Kiffin as vulture and picking off UF recruits. We forget that Jimbo Fisher is also from the school of SEC Recruiting.

[Update] Via the Gainesville Sun; note the first quote (which looks bad for UF) and the second quote (which makes it look like Elam used playing time as a decision maker);

"I was supposed to be enrolling there in about 10 days but I had a bad feeling about things when he said he was coming back. I didn't feel comfortable with that. I didn't want to get in and get stuck, that was really scaring me. I am good with it. It is a great opportunity to go to college at a great place. A lot of people don't have this opportunity."

A chance to step in and make an immediate impact on defense also influenced Elam's commitment to FSU.

"It was on my mind, but (Thursday) I really made the decision," he said. "I was sitting down thinking like I can make a difference. If I go to Florida I really can't make a difference at Florida, I can just jump on the bandwagon. I want to make a difference and I see a lot of good things there."