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Game 13 vs. Alabama: The SEC Championship Game


History does not remember the losers. No one remembers Trevor Berbick, just Mike Tyson. No one remembers that the 1998 Vikings finished 15-1 because they lost the NFC Championship Game. No remembers that the 2001 Mariners have the best regular season in American League history, because they lost the ALCS. No one remembers that the 1998 Indians were up 2-1 in the ALCS against the Yankees, because the Yanks won the World Series with the most season wins in baseball history. As for those that are winners, everyone forgets Jack Nicklaus' 19 second place finishes.

This has been a historic season for the Gators. But it has also been a season filled with controversy and drama. People will not remember or care about that if Florida loses today. They will not remember Tim Tebow coming back in an effort to win an undefeated National Championship. They will not remember Riley Cooper telling the Texas Rangers that millions of dollars can wait. And they will not remember Brandon Spikes, following the lead of Corey Brewer, and returning to Florida instead of banking in the pros and the possibility to pull his family into the middle class.

A loss today is a failure for either team. Alabama and Florida do not celebrate division championships. Getting to Atlanta means nothing. History will only remember who is in Pasadena on January 7.