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Gators To The Sugar Bowl

Tonight confirmed nearly everyone's thinking in that Florida will face Big East champ and undefeated Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl. To me, the most interesting thing about the matchups is TCU and Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Rather than allow TCU or Boise the chance to upset big boys, they stick both in the same bowl. This is also a rematch of the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl, which TCU won 17-16. We knew the Rose Bowl was Ohio State and Oregon, with the Orange getting Georgia Tech and Iowa. Personally, I'd rather see these matchups, which would create chaos and have the most possible remaining undefeated teams left, if they all win.

Fiesta: Boise State vs. Iowa

Sugar: TCU vs. Florida

Orange: Cincinnati vs. Georgia Tech

If Florida can't win a National Championship, I root for chaos. Other matchups of note;

- FSU and West Virginia in the Gator Bowl, giving Bobby Bowden a Florida bowl game to go to the retirement home on. I guess the lower paying Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando was too far away. FSU got the cash of the Gator Bowl under the ruse of Bowden, when a more fair spot would have been Orlando.

- USF's loss to UConn earned them a spot in the International Bowl and avoids fellow commuter school UCF in the St. Petersburg Bowl. Rutgers gets that spot instead. USF faces Northern Illinois.

- After the fuss of the Outback Bowl picking Auburn, who will definitely sell their tickets, Outback picks the smallest Big Ten school in Northwestern. There could be 40,000 Auburn fans in Tampa for New Year's. Not cool.

- While the bowls are exclusively to make money, we will make them exciting; the 3rd Annual Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em. And we will have prizes. Tomorrow, we will also announce the winners of our Alligator Army Pick'em season contest.