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Alligator Army Pick'em 2009 WINNARS

Two entries emerged from a field of 37 to collect prizes in the Alligator Army Pick'em. Finishing in first place and winning the USA Today College Football Encyclopedia is "It's Not Gay If It's With Tebow" with 146 total points. Second place and the winner of a Florida Gators keychain from and a pack of Gators coasters from Paper Kraft Coasters is "Gator Bait" with 144 points. If you are the owners of these entries, email us at and you will get your prizes before the first bowl games next week (and we know who the winners are, so don't email us and say you won when you really didn't). We would like to thank everyone who played and thank those companies who contributed prizes.

Next week, we will open registration for our Bowl Pick'em and it will be through Yahoo again. We have two prizes already, but if you or your company would like to contribute to sweeten the pot, email us at the address above. Thanks again to everyone for playing.