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Florida Basketball @ Kentucky

Just like their game at Tennessee, Florida (19-4, 6-2) catches the Kentucky Wildcats (16-7, 5-3) on a three game losing streak. As it was against Tennessee, you get the sense that Kentucky is better. That's why this is a must win for the Gators; they have not proved they can beat a team that is better than them. They also have not proved they can win in a hostile environment. After the crapfest against Tennessee, I fully expect this team to piss themselves before they get on the floor just to get it over with.

There are some night when it looks like Florida has a sense of urgency and some nights when it doesn't. Every night has to have a sense of urgency. Youth was an excuse but it should not be an excuse now, especially when two of the biggest offenders are Dan Werner and Walt Hodge.

The Gators lead the SEC in league scoring (79 ppg) and second in field goal percentage (.477). If they plan on defeating Kentucky, they will have to make buckets early, which they did not do against Tennessee.