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Who Should Florida Play?

I was really surprised at the response to Thursday's story about scheduling. It seems the only thing fans can agree on is that we want the Gators to play a non-conference team that's not from Florida. On the other hand is dealing with potential loss of revenue from turning a home date with Charleston Southern on pay-per-view into a road game at Texas on ABC.

So here's a little game from my WRUF days when I'd co-host with Hanson and Timmy C would call in and rant about something. Pick an out of conference team you think Florida should have a home-and-home with and why. But before you go picking USC, here's the catch; the team you pick cannot have two previous games against the Gators. USC has two previous games against Florida, as does Michigan and Nebraska. Use this chart as your guide.

Any team with one game or zero games played against UF would be eligible. Pick your team and post in the comments why they should play UF. I'll go first.