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Billy Donovan took away the Gators' practice facility last season. What will he do to punish the Gators now? Make them run until they puke? Take away their meal plan? Take scholarship money away from anyone who doesn't pass to Calathes in the last three minutes?

Once again, an outstanding performance by Nick Calathes was wasted when the Gators forgot to play defense. Georgia's 88-86 win over Florida prevents the Dogs from becoming the SEC's Detroit Lions. Meanwhile, the Gators got a chance to show everyone there is nothing to this team.

The line of the game was during the radio broadcast when Mark Wise said of Dan Werner, "You've missed your last three. You don't get to shoot anymore." That's part of Florida's problem. No one knows what they are supposed to do. It goes beyond playing defense. Werner doesn't know to stop shooting. Hodge doesn't know hand checking is a foul. Walker doesn't know that the best player on the floor should get the ball with 10 seconds left. They better figure out pretty what they are doing.

As for now, one of our Gainesville readers should let us know if they see any players with hot dates tonight. Because they looked more worried about chicks than basketball.