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That Carl Johnson Thing Just Got Bigger

It's no longer following a girl off a bus. From the Orlando Sentinel;

The arrest Monday of Gators offensive lineman Carl Johnson stemmed from a petition from a former girlfriend who claimed Johnson "date-raped" her on three occasions from September to November of 2008.

In court documents obtained from the Orlando Sentinel, the petitioner said on Feb. 9 that her relationship with Johnson from July to December included “regular” physical and emotional abuse.

First of all, date rape is not good times. In Gainesville, this happens more often than you think. Often, it is a girlfriend who is the victim, not a random girl from the club. Secondly, the restraining order was issued February 9 with a court appearance scheduled for Feb. 24. At what point is Johnson notified of this? And what does UF do? Are they out of the loop? If this was a regular student, they might not be notified, unlike a DUI when Bernie Machen shows up at your house and kicks you out of school for a semester (frat houses not included).

Johnson is innocent until proven guilty, but he does not have that luxury on the football team.