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Lowered Expectations?

Jo Noah is not walking through that door, fans. Al Horford is not walking through that door. Corey Brewer is not walking through that door. And if you expect them to walk through that door, they're not going to have any eligibility left.

“I think a lot of people have set the expectations based on two years ago,” Donovan said. “These guys are a different group of guys. They are trying hard. They are doing what we ask them to do. “

Billy Donovan's comments following last night's victory against Alabama is a bit surprising to me. I think by year two of the Post-Oh Fours Era, fans would be sophisticated enough to understand what the current group of Gators can accomplish. Attendance might be down in Gainesville, but that is also a result of people's willingness to drive to Gainesville when money is tight. His channeling of Rick Pitino in Boston (which I parodied at the top) I think is a defensive move to protect a team that is now 20-6, but doesn't play like it.

The latest Bracketology has Florida as a 10 seed in the South. If Donovan asks that fans not judge the current squad based on the National Championship teams, that's fine. Let's judge them on Donovan's other NCAA tournament teams.

Year Seed Region Result
1999 6 West Sweet 16
2000 5 East Natl Finals
2001 3 South 2nd Rd.
2002 5 Midwest 1st Rd.
2003 2 South 2nd Rd.
2004 5 East 1st Rd.
2005 4 East 2nd Rd.
2006 3 Midwest Natl Champ
2007 1 Midwest Natl Champ

Of the Florida teams Donovan has brought to the tournament, the lowest seed they received was 6 and an average of 4. A lot can change between now and Selection Sunday, but the current sixes are two teams UF has lost to (Syracuse, Tennessee), Gonzaga and Cal. Florida is not in that class. Taking the whole of Donovan's career at UF, he's only missed the NCAAs three times; his first two seasons at UF and last year. If Donovan is upset that this team is graded on previous teams, he only has himself to blame for setting the bar high.