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Thoughts on Super Bowl XLIII

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A few thoughts on the Pittsburgh Steelers' 27-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. Drop yours in the comments.

- If Ben Roethlisberger can win two Super Bowls, Tim Tebow can sure as hell be a pro quarterback. Big Ben worked his best in the shotgun and when he scrambled. Tebow knows something about that. The difference between Ben and Tebow is accuracy and release, both teachable things. Both of them are unmatched in their desire to win, with Roethlisberger possibly matched by Tom Brady. By the way, everyone's beloved Brett Favre has one Super Bowl. Big Ben has two.

- Santonio Holmes is from Muck City and grew up catching rabbits in the Everglades. Tonight he caught nine balls for 131 and the winning touchdown. I cannot think of two more opposite scenarios. Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN said that had Holmes dropped the touchdown pass, he would have been Bill Buckner. I don't know about that. They still had a third down and a field goal would send it to overtime. And it was not a routine pass. Billy Buck blew a routine grounder. He also had a Game 7 the next night.

- When was the last time the owner of the winning Super Bowl team thanked the President of The United States? The Reagan Years? Ever?


- Larry Fitzgerald was awesome. 7 catches, 121 yards and two touchdowns would normally win you an MVP award.

- While I was rooting for the Steelers, I wanted a good game because I wanted people to come away from the game with a favorable opinion of Tampa. And I think that happened. Hasn't the city look good all week? No strip clubs, road construction cones or closed down office buildings made it on TV. Hell, even Ybor City was getting good pub this week. Oh, and Saturday is Gasparilla. That will make Super Bowl weekend look like a tea party.

- There was so much talk this week of wheather or not Kurt Warner should be in the Hall of Fame. First of all, the Football Hall of Fame is becoming like the Hockey one; they will admit anyone if the numbers are high enough. Even Art Monk got in eventually. But something should be said for Warner leading the Rams and Cardinals, two historically terrible teams, to Super Bowls. (The Rams have always been a little bit better than the Cards though.) I'd rather reward a winner like Warner than have guys who are numbers only get in.

- Warner has now been involved in three of the most dramatic finishes in Super Bowl history; Rams-Titans when Mike Jones tackles Kevin Dyson one yard short of a tying TD. Rams-Patriots when Adam Vinatieri's field goal wins it for New England with no time left. In this game, 16 points were scored in the final three minutes, including 9 by the Cardinals.

- While I enjoyed the story of the Clydesdales coming to America (I'm a sucker for immigration history), the Teleflora commercial was brilliant. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU NAKED!

- As great as this Super Bowl was, it still does not match the Giants-Patriots. The Patriots were trying to do the unthinkable and the Giants had proved in the regular season they could match the Pats. Plus, New York-Boston is a blood rivalry. The only rivalry here was one sided; Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt having problems with Big Ben and wanting Mike Tomlin's job. But after 43 Super Bowls, you could put the great ones in a hat and always pick a winner.