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We Ask Again; Who Will Show Up?

Last week, Nick Calathes was the only player who traveled from Gainesville for the Awfulness in Athens. Today's game against Vandy is in the O'Connell Center, which means The Greek should have some back up.

It's been incredible how many Gators fans have interpreted this as a bad team. None of us are James Naismith, but the consensus seems to be that the 2008-09 Gators are the worst 20-win team ever. When the Gators win, they rarely put teams away. When they lose, the Baby Jesus cries because it looks so awful. In their last game, Florida (20-6, 7-4) defeated Alabama, but allowed them to shoot almost 49%. Against Vandy (16-9, 5-6) today, Florida cannot take their foot off the pedal and allow Vandy to repay them for UF's dominant win in Nashville. In conference play, that is the Gators' only dominant win.