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Only One Man Can Save UF Now

...And you know who that is.


The Gators (21-8, 8-6) have lost to Tennessee (18-10, 9-5) and their poorly dressed coach, 79-75. UF decided to tease all of us by making it close, but when you allow your opponent to shoot nearly 53%, winning is not in the cards. Once again, Nick Calathes (20 pts, 7 asts) pulled his weight, but a normally serviceable Alex Tyus struggled (6 pts).

Tyus, Dan Werner and anyone in a white jersey struggled on defense. Part of it was Wayne Chism (18 pts) and Tyler Smith (19 pts) owning them. Part of it also was allowing Tennessee to shoot at will with the expectation they would eventally get cold. Tennessee did get cold, but they built up enough of a lead to protect them late. The same thing happed at Tennessee earlier this season.

We keep waiting for UF to Man Up and win one of these games. Maybe Tebow can get to these guys before the last two regular season games and whip them into shape.