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FSU Is A Clown College Now And Forever

In this story, one of the comments I made was that by FSU fans being pleased with the punishment from their academic scandal, FSU fans had admitted they were nothing more than a minor league sports franchise.

That said, if you are an FSU fan and you are happy with the relative lack of punishment, you are messed up. You have admitted your university is nothing but a minor league franchise. 61 kids went to FSU to play sports and get an education. Not only have some of them lost an National Championship, the ultimate for any college athlete, but they have lost their chance at a legitimate education. Instead of taking away scholarships from kids who look to that as their only route to an education, heads should roll at FSU. When an administration takes advantage of students, they have no business in education. And remember FSU fans, you are a place of (relatively) higher learning. Not just a football school.

Let me just say now that I am sorry. I totally forgot that FSU is also a Clown College. For proof, go to the Florida Board of Governors website. (HT: J-Fenn) At the top of the page, images of each Florida public college roll. What is the image FSU chose? A dude juggling flaming sticks at the FSU Circus. Well played, FSU. Some days, it is just too easy making fun of the School Out West.