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Florida Basketball vs. Auburn

So far, today has been a good day for UF. Bubble teams Kentucky and South Carolina are gone. In fact, things are so bad for Big Blue, they are taking it in the butt.

Bent over, hands on knees and head bowed, an exhausted Ramon Harris could have been a poster boy for the current state of Kentucky basketball.

While you finish laughing at that awful Associated Press lede, remember this opens the door for Florida and Auburn. The Gators are now in the "Last Four In" for Joe Lunardi (as said during the 6pm SportsCenter). Auburn is nowhere to be found.

As for tonight's game, UF and Auburn seem to be matched evenly. The two teams played a back and forth game in January with UF winning 68-65 at Auburn. Florida never really had control, even after a nine point lead in the final minute shrunk to three. Auburn lost in part to shooting below 50% from the free throw line.

The Gators will not be able to blow Auburn out because of the Tigers' defense. This will be a grinding game and the Gators have to hope they have the manpower to play that style.