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Selection Sunday Open Thread

The Gators' chance of making the NCAA Tournament are slim to none and slim just left wearing a Mississippi State jersey. The Other Bulldogs run to the SEC finals effectively clinches the NIT or CBI. The committee is so good in picking the field that they would not take a struggling quarterfinal loser (Florida) over a surging finalist (Miss State).

Tomorrow, we'll let you know about the prize for our Second Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em. To sign up to play, go here, join a group and use Group ID: 21861 and Password: army.

We will see you here through out the day to make sarcastic comments and make references to this. WHY ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE IN THIS FAMILY WITH A TEXAS ACCENT!?!

UPDATE: At the half, Mississippi State and Tennessee played their commercials, both awful. Miss State used flowers, winning the Egg Bowl (seriously) and some random Congresswoman from Tennessee. UT has a freaking cartoon. Neither matched the greatest college commercial of all time. Gator Nation is everywhere. Bitches.

UPDATE: Florida gets one of four top seeds in the NIT. Woo hoo. The NIT also includes Kentucky, just to complete the Bizzaro World sense of this season.