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God and Lane Kiffin Bring Nation's Top Recruit To Tennessee

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The Nation's top high school player, Bryce Brown, has finally made his decision. The Wichita running back turned down Miami for Tennessee. Brown came to the decision after a surprise visit to Tennessee, which included another surprise.

“It was a spiritual decision that I made, and God basically put it on my heart,” Brown said.

On his most recent trip to Tennessee Brown said he asked God to give him a sign as to whether he should choose the Volunteers. At first, he said he did not have a good feeling about the university, but before he left, he received a sign that it was the place for him.

“That right then and there told me that I would be a Volunteer,” Brown said. “I just felt it. I asked for it. He revealed it.”

As someone who prays for the Gators (even Dan Werner), I'm in no position to go after a man's faith. But what "sign" from God could Brown have seen? I'll make some suggestions, you drop a few in the comments.

- A bag of cash appears at Brown's hotel room with a Thank You note addressed to Brown's "player agent" Bryan Butler.

- While driving between the Knoxville airport and UT campus, Lane Kiffin points out to Brown a man in a Miami hat pumping gas.

- When assistant coach Ed Orgeron rips his shirt off, Brown sees an image of Jesus in Orgeron's chest hair.