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Time Running Out For Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em

In about 22 hours, the United States economy will grind to a halt. Not because more bailout money is needed or the stock market is tumbling. It's the NCAA Tournament!

Now, don't let Florida's failure to play inside, hit clutch shots or play with a sense of urgency get you down. As an American, it is your duty to skip school or get out of work early to watch basketball. As a Gator fan, it is your duty to join the Second Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em Sponsored by Armagnets. Armagnets are licensed magnetic vinyl signs. When displayed on your car door it appears that YOU are running the rock for the Gators!!


To play, log onto Yahoo Sports and go here. Type in group ID#: 21861 and password: army. If you need any tips, the NY Times did a bracket entirely on foul differential with UConn as the winner. For the Democrats in the audience, President Obama picked mostly chalk, with UNC coming out on top.