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Renew Your Hatred Of Tennessee This Weekend

As Tennessee plays Oklahoma State in the NCAA Tournament this afternoon, Gator sports have the chance to take down the puke orange too. Gator Baseball begins a three game series with the Vols today. UF (11-7, 0-3) followed a sweep at Arkansas to start SEC play with wins this week over FSU and UCF. Tennessee (9-9, 1-2) lost 2 of 3 against Auburn.

On the other side of campus, the best dressed women in Gainesville, No. 1 Gator Softball (29-2, 8-0) faces the No. 6 Vols (24-3, 2-0) starting Saturday. UF has won 18 consecutive games. Since the start of March (12 games), UF has outscored their opponents 74-8. Florida's two pitchers, Stacey Nelson and Stephanie Brombacher, have a combined 0.53 ERA. Also, UF wears stirrups, which warms Paul Lukas' heart and mine.

If you're one of those Florida fans who only pays attention to football and basketball, don't worry. Lane Kiffin is still crazy.

[Note: How much do UF fans hate Tennessee? My friend Tim just randomly texted me to say, "I f-cking hate Bruce Pearl." Me too Timmy.]