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You Can't Spell Schadenfreude Without 'FSU'

If I had to pick a way for FSU to lose Friday, I probably would have chose, "Blow huge halftime lead, lose in OT." And guess what? That's what happened! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, let me taste your tears, FSU! You didn't think you would get past the first weekend, did you? Oh, you did? HAHAHAHAHA! And you can forget about going to the tournament next year. The only guy to average double digits for FSU, guard Toney Douglas, is graduating.

But, wait, it gets better. While FSU was choking away a 12 point halftime lead, Ohio State couldn't hold off Siena, dispite playing the game in Ohio. The Saints defeated the Buckeyes in double OT, 74-72. Of course Siena would win. You can't pick against a Catholic school on a Friday in Lent. Hell, they probably extended the game into overtime and early Saturday morning so they could celebrate with a steak dinner.

The Florida Schadenfreude Spectacular got started early Friday when Oklahoma State defeated Tennessee in the final seconds, 77-75. Bruce Pearl will now spend his weekend snapping bikini tops on a lake in Tennessee.

Oh, Florida did play Miami in the Not Invited Tournament Second Round. The Gators won 74-60. Nick Calathes led all scorers with 21 points on 6-12 shooting and 7 assists. Your friend and mine, Chandler Parsons, followed his double-double against Jacksonville with a more normal 7-4 night. The Gators get Penn State next.