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Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em Sweet 16 Update

Through the first weekend of games, the 2nd Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em is pretty tight. Two entries are leading with 52 points and 180 possible points; HeightsGirl's Bracketology and Eric F's NIT back-to-back. Three entries have 51 points, while our defending champion, GHBHN0607, is in 6th place worth 50 points but 166 possible.

Remember, you are playing for a Florida Gators Armagnet. Armagnets are licensed magnetic vinyl signs. When displayed on your car door it appears that YOU are running the rock for the Gators!!

The Armagents arrived at the Alligator Army World Headquarters this week and they look awesome. You see the ball with the Gator head logo in the picture? That is about the size of a real football. That gives you an idea of how huge the Armagnet is. With the Armagnet on the side your your car, you will be the toast of your tailgate.