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Gators End Season With Same Problems

It was really no different than previous Gator losses this season. But Florida's 71-62 loss to Penn State in the NIT Quarterfinals ended the Gators' season. In UF's 11 losses, there are been several themes. Among them; a shorthanded lineup, poor shooting, and being shoved around by a tougher team. All of those factors killed UF last night and every night.

Next season, Florida should have Kenny Kadji (out with a concussion Tuesday), Eloy Vargas (out with fitness), Allan Chaney (out with suspension), Adam Allen (out with a knee) and Vernon Macklin (out with a transfer) all on opening night. Florida's front court consisted of Alex Tyus and two guys who never belonged there; Dan Werner and Chandler Parsons. Maybe that is what Billy Donovan meant after saying UF overachieved. He realizes the quality of his bigs never matched Calathes-Hodge-Walker. The man won two National Championships with a front line of three first round draft picks. He knows what the recipe is, but doesn't have the ingredients.

It will be decision time now for Nick Calathes. He can roll the dice and enter the draft or roll the dice and hope Florida's big men will contribute next season. He can only go as far as the other four guys on the floor.

This team finished one game worse than last year's team that got to Madison Square Garden. Hopefully, next year's team won't finish the same way.