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Ben Roethlisberger Is Tim Tebow

After the Citadel game, I wrote this about Tim Tebow's NFL future;

He should wait, get drafted in the late first round in 2010 and become a bigger Ben Roethlisberger.

Today, Timmy C sent me this, which is new to me.

I love the Roethlisberger comparison and that might be Tebow's best hope to play pro ball. If scouts see 15 in blue and think 7 in black, that is a huge benefit.

The Under Center Tebow is making appearences in practice so far, but Florida has to worry more about winning games than making Tebow a top-10 pick. UC Tebow will only make occasional appearences, unless Tebow develops the footwork, vision and release fairly quickly. However, enough successful plays under center, plus good workouts next spring, could make Tebow the new and improved Roethlisberger.