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Calathes Has Confidence. Do You?

"I’m looking at it like we’re going to make the tournament," Calathes said. "I think that we will. I think we definitely make the Tournament.”

If anyone else on the Gators had said this, you could slap them in the mouth for the jinx. As it stands right now, the Gators' hopes look as good as Jimmy Fallon as a late night host; terrible. (Seriously, did you see Fallon's first show last night? Awful. Even Conan started better than that.) Calathes has been pulling his weight, but the rest of the team is running out of time to grab the rope.

The Gators are 8-6 in the SEC. We all know .500 teams in conference will not make the tournament and one game above probably won't do it. Florida must win Wednesday at Mississippi State, Sunday against Kentucky and make the semifinals of the SEC Tournament. That would make UF at least 25-9 overall. Calathes is right in that 25-9 makes the tournament usually. But, is that going to happen?