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Nick Calathes will jump into the draft pool.

Florida sophomore guard Nick Calathes will declare for the NBA draft but will not hire an agent, leaving open the possibility to return to school for a junior season, the University of Florida confirmed Monday...Expect Calathes to work out in Orlando pre-draft camp in late May. Numerous NBA draft web sites have Calathes as a late-first rounder or early second round pick.

Calathes is as good as gone. The chance to return is not for guys like Calathes who have talent and a comfortable lifestyle without an NBA gig. It's for athletes lacking a jumper but who need the NBA to support their family. That way, if that kid is not drafted, at least he has not surrendered his collegiate status. Calathes, if not drafted, will go overseas.

As for what Calathes leaves behind depends on your perspective. It is either a house in renovation or one without a foundation. As for Calathes personally, I don't think I'm out of bounds to say I think this is stupid. When Marreese Speights left, there was the storyline of Speights using the NBA to provide a secure financial future for his family. To the best of our knowledge, Calathes is leaving because he wants to leave. When Joakim Noah was in a similar situation (and a far more accomplished player), he stayed in school. I think a lot of us hoped that the move of the Oh Fours to play three years would impact Calathes' decision. We were wrong.

Florida now moves on with the hope a new crop of big men will do what Calathes couldn't; restore Gator Basketball.