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Pick The Reaction: Calathes Declares For NBA Draft

As I mentioned yesterday, Nick Calathes entering the NBA Draft is the end of his career at UF. Calathes will go as long as possible without an agent, but will sign with one when he needs to organize individual team workouts. If this becomes a crowded draft class, he will need an agent to help the sophomore move away from the field.

Talking with some friends last night, we all seemed to agree on some form of, "good riddance," for Calathes. I don't hold it against a kid for leaving college early, but Calathes' decision bothers me. If the Oh Fours, Cornelius Ingram, Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes can come back, surely Calathes can. Perhaps Calathes thought about CI's injury after returning to school, but I doubt it. And this isn't Percy Harvin leaving. We all agree Percy has done all he could do. (The man played a National Championship on a broken leg.) Calathes hasn't done anything beyond filling a box score. (This AP article goes right after that fact in the first line.)

I would continue, but I know we have some Calathes supporters in the audience and I don't want my disapproval to cloud the voting. Vote in the poll and tell us in the comments what you think about UF's best player entering the draft.