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Urban Meyer Responds To Lane Kiffin. Sort of.

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow are in Tallahassee today speaking with legislators about ending some sales tax exemptions, how the federal stimulus package will be used in Florida, and providing more funding for education in Florida. They are also being honored for their National Championship. Meyer was asked by an Orlando Sentinel reporter about Lane Kiffin's cheating comments for the first time, as well. After being asked if the controversy is funny a few weeks past, Meyer delivers the quote Kiffin should be worried about;

“It’s not humorous. I can think of a few other words that I’m not going to say, but certainly not humorous.”

Hmmm, what other words could Urban be thinking of? Hopefully, one of them is "Seventy" as in seventy points scored by UF against the Vols on September 19. Drop your ideas for Urban's unsaid "few other words" in the comments.