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NCAA To FSU Football: Forfeit Games?

From the St. Pete Times, the NCAA could be dropping the hammer (or tomahawk?) on FSU athletics;

Florida State faces vacating wins in multiple sports, including football, the NCAA has ruled in the case involving a massive academic misconduct scandal that has rocked the entire athletic department, the St. Petersburg Times has learned.

In a report set to be released this afternoon, the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions said that the school must vacate all wins in which 61 student-athletes in 10 sports – football, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's swimming, men's and women's track and field, baseball, softball and men's golf – competed while ineligible during 2006 and 2007. Individual records of the student-athletes also will be vacated. That includes regular season, postseason and any NCAA championship competition.

Sweet Robert Cade, that does not look good for FSU. But what makes it even more hilarious is that Bobby Bowden's challenge with Joe Paterno as to who will live the longest is now mired in the cheating scandal. Bowden could lose games he thought were won. As of today, Paterno leads Bowden 383 to 382 wins.

When we first wrote about this, FSU claimed rogue tutors were to blame. The NCAA, reportedly, has called BS on that.

The NCAA charged that FSU failed to monitor certain aspects of its Athletics Academic Support Services office and didn't take sufficient steps to ensure that there were no improprieties, steps that included failing to review a report that indicated student-athletes in the music course did better than other students.

Gee, this is terrible for FSU. Without those Emerald Nuts and Champs Sports Bowls, FSU would have accomplished nothing in the last few years. Too bad.