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Kentucky @ Florida Basketball

The battle for third in the SEC East will not get the blood boiling. In fact, I'm surprised some have been calling this a play-in game since Florida and Kentucky have played awful lately.

But, don't feel too bad about UF basketball. 10 FSU sports are affected by a cheating scandal, Bobby Bowden will never leave FSU since he could be losing about a dozen games from his chase of Joe Pa, and UF Baseball was in a brawl Friday night!

After UF’s Josh Adams hit a home run over the left field wall to put the Gators up 6-5 in the bottom of the fifth, Duquesne starting pitcher Gary Pierpont appeared to stare at the junior infielder and began shouting something at him as Adams made his way around the bases.

“He said a few words and just kept talking,” Adams said. “I just heard him yelling.”

Things got out of hand on the very next pitch when Pierpont whizzed one by junior center fielder Matt den Dekker’s head. Den Dekker then began walking toward Pierpont. The two exchanged words and as den Dekker got closer to the mound, both benches cleared and an on-field brawl ensued.

Florida ended up winning 10-5. And you have another reason to follow baseball after an awful basketball season. Also, if you need something else to watch today when Florida allows UK to jup out to a 15 point lead in the first half, USA plays Canada in the World Baseball Classic at 2pm on ESPN.