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What Do The Gators Need To Do?

The Gators looked like a rec league team for much of this season, chucking threes and demonstrating an inability to win on the road. But the Basketball Gods (James Naismith and the Harlem Rens?) have smiled on the Orange and Blue as the Gators (22-9, 9-7) have the easiest possible path to the SEC Tournament Semifinals; Arkansas (14-15, 2-14) and Auburn (21-10, 10-6). Florida defeated both teams in January, with the Auburn win coming on the road. Not only that, both games would be at 9:45pm Thursday and Friday night, meaning there would be plenty of liquored up UF Tampa Almus and Bull Gators in the building. With $50 tickets per session, you can expect a more pro-Gator crowd Saturday in the semis.

But do the Gators need to get to Saturday to secure a spot in the NCAA Tournament? We list the possibilities of what the Gators can do and you decide.