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Exodus Continues: Tyus To Transfer

I know something is big when three of my friends contact me this morning about the same thing. From the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler;

Florida forward Alex Tyus, Florida's second-leading scorer last season, is transferring from the Gators, Billy Donovan announced this morning. Tyus is Florida's third player to transfer this season and the 11th since the 2003-04 season. Nick Calathes could be the fourth player gone in the last six months if he opts to stay in the NBA draft, and 2009 signee DeShawn Painter already backed out of his letter of intent.

You can either believe the rather large number of guys leaving is a due to Donovan losing his touch, or he is cleaning house. He also sort of throws Tyus under the bus.

"For me as a coach, you know there's a certain vision and a certain path and a certain commitment for the team going forward that you want to have. For Alex, that's not really what he wanted to do."

Tyus leaving is the most surprising of the bunch, considering how much better he got last season. UF is now left with 10 scholarship players with Fowler saying Donovan is looking for another guard and possibly a big man to take Tyus' spot.