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Harvin Smokes Weed, Watches Draft Stock Fall

Now we know why teams are slowly backing away from Percy Harvin and it isn't his durability. From Fox Sports;

The draft stock of Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate may have taken a hit.

Two sources told that both wide receivers tested positive for marijuana in February at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis...Harvin and Tate were the only high-profile players to flunk their combine drug tests, the sources said. Fewer than a dozen players tested positive for recreational drugs, one source said.

It is amazing that in a league where convicted murder Leonard Little can walk around, smoking weed can cost you millions. Of course, under Herr Goodell, tying your shoes the wrong way can result in a loss of millions.

I think anyone who smokes weed is either incredibly stupid or incredibly immature. However, college is the time when most of us act incredibly stupid or incredibly immature, future pro football players and blog writers included. An NFL team does not want to make an investment into a guy who is stupid or immature. They have every right to look at a guy's downside (failed drug test) rather than upside (played in National Championship Game with leg fracture). Harvin should have known better than to be around people who smoke, where he would have been exposed to it, if not actually taking a hit. Of course, this controversy would go away if Harvin's evil twin, Percy Harvey, would just admit to smoking weed.