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If You Love America, You Will Vote For Stacey Nelson

Our friend Timmy C pointed this out, but I wanted to mention how important it is that you vote for Florida pitcher Stacey Nelson for the Lowe's Senior Class Award. Currently, Nelson is behind a girl from DePaul (WTF?) and an outfielder from Alabama. Now, I don't mean to knock anyone, but those two suck. Really suck. However, I will not engage in negative campaigning. Instead, let's take a look at Nelson's platform:

One of "The Best Dressed Women In Gainesville", blonde (Hooray!), wears 42 (Jackie Robinson and Mariano Rivera), 27-3 record, 0.41 ERA (1st nationally), 232 strikeouts (13th nationally), 15 shutouts (1st nationally), and this;

Her ambition is to attend law school where she would like to study humanitarian law and work for the International Criminal Court, prosecuting war criminals in Africa.

Hell yes. Stacey Nelson will be saving the world after college. As a cold hearted Poli Sci grad, this part warms my heart too.

Nelson was also asked to help with an oral history project earlier in the fall of 2008, through the University of Florida. She interviewed people who participated in the Freedom Summer of 1964. She questioned the people of Indianola, Miss., about their first voting experience and their struggle to obtain that right.

Stacey Nelson is doing more for voting rights than the Florida State Legislature. And she's third in the voting? That is wrong. So, put down the Cheez Doodles or homework or the lady friend, and Vote For Stacey Nelson. She's making sure people have the right to vote, saving the world and can strike your ass out. All while wearing stirrups.