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Percy Harvin To Minnesota

If I told you you could have Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin on the same team, is that something you'd be interested in? Yes? Harvin is a first round pick, No. 22 for the Minnesota Vikings. Unfournately, Harvin will have Tarvaris Jackson throwing him the ball. But, if the Vikings use Peterson and Harvin, all Jackson has to do is make sure he doesn't screw up.

By the way, I am tired of everyone mentioning Harvin failing a drug test. How about mentioning his 171 yards of offense against Oklahoma in the National Championship Game. I'd rather have "immature" as a weakness in a player than "makes bad decisions, inconsistent" which is what Josh Freeman got as the QB for my team, the Bucs. Also, the Vikings got huge value here. And don't point out how Harvin got drafted by the same team as the infamous Boat Sex Story. That was under Mike Tice. Vikes Coach Brad Childress seems to run a tighter ship (no pun intended), and hopefully Harvin will be a stud.