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Did Harvin Fail A Drug Test At The Combine?

The NFL Draft Bible has a report that six guys tested positive for illegal drugs, including Percy Harvin for weed. (HT: Timmy C) Boston College DT B.J. Raji is one of the players who is accused of testing positive according to Sports Illustrated.

Where there is a story like this, people should hold judgment until a legitimate news organization reports it. So far, ESPN, Fox and Sports Illustrated have not reported that Harvin is on the list of failed drug tests. To the best of my knowledge, Harvin never failed a drug test in school, so it would be surprising he would fail his first one out of school.

Secondly, Harvin would have tested positive for weed, which can happen if you're around a smoker and not actually doing the stuff. To me, weed is better than steroids, which is what USC LBs Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews are accused of. Every college kid comes in contact with weed at some point, not illegal steroids.

While we need to hold judgement until someone more credible than The NFL Draft Bible (would they be the Holy Book of Draft Day?) reports on this, let's assume these six players did test positive. I don't think it's a big deal. Which is more a sign of Harvin's character; playing a National Championship game on a broken leg, or possibly smoking weed?

When I hear about combine drug tests, I always think of Warren Sapp in 1995. Shortly before the draft, a report surfaced that he tested positive for cocaine. Sapp always denied it, but the damage had been done. The possible top-5 pick went 12th to the Buccaneers. He ended up becoming a 7-time Pro Bowler, 4-time All Pro, 2-time Second Team All Pro, was on the 1990s All Decade Team, won the 1999 Defensive Player of The Year, and is a Super Bowl Champion. The Bucs will probably retire his number 99 when Sapp is elected to the Hall of Fame. I think Sapp turned out pretty well.

If Harvin did smoke weed, and is asked by a team about it, he should admit it. If he was at a party where everyone else was smoking and he wasn't, he should admit that. If it's none of the above, then he should hold his ground and hope he falls into a situation like Sapp.