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Alligator Army Tournament Update: And Then There Were Two

Only two teams are left in the NCAA Tournament and only two entries left in the Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em. Competing for the Florida Gators Armagnet is "HeightsGirl's Bracketology" and "World's Best Damn Bracket". If North Carolina wins, HeightsGirl wins with 132 points, only 1 point ahead of expected second place "I am Tebow". If Michigan State wins, "World's Best..." would have 121 points, 17 points clear of second. If you win, email me at to claim your prize.

By the way, I'm rooting for Michigan State tonight. I cannot allow myself to root for an ACC team, even against a Big Ten team who once beat UF in the championship game. Also, it'd be a hell of an upset for Sparty.