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Will There Be Enough For The Orange and Blue Game?

Two things can stop the Gators from repeating as National Champions; complacency and injuries. I guess lucky for us, UF is getting all their injuries now in order to be healthy in August. Heading into today's practice, it seems like the Gators have everyone injured. For a team stacked with returning players, we're now concerned there isn't enough depth. Behind Aaron Hernandez at tight end is a whole lot of nothing. The same is true on the o-line. In terms of the speedsters, David Nelson and Deonte Thompson all have bad wheels and Jeff Demps is running track this spring.

All of this makes for a very uninteresting Orange and Blue Game, unless we get to see Tebow taking snaps from under center.

[As for concerns about a lefty QB under center, don't worry about that. Unless Tebow does some weird sideways thing, the QB's dominant hand is always flat against the butt of the center. Tebow should have the base of his palms together, sort of like a Gator chomp, with left over right. The center puts his thumb across the seam to the right of the laces, making the laces face 9 o'clock, outside of the right fingers facing 3 o'clock. When the center snaps it, he curls his arm so the laces hit the QB on his dominant hand. The problems are when a QB and center are not comfortable with cadence, strength of the snap, and where the QB's hands are on the center's ass.]

Are injuries worrisome? Of course. But on a team this deep, there is not much more to be learned. Injured players will get into shape over the summer when they are lifting and not running through plays. That's the problem with injuries; not being able to run through the playbook. Injuries are a minor crisis for UF. [Knock on wood]