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Harvin Gets Sick, People Freak Out

Percy Harvin got sick on a plane to Minneapolis via Atlanta. When the plane landed, Harvin was checked out to see if he was a victim of the Bacon Flu.

[Vikings coach] Childress also says doctors ruled out the swine flu.

Seriously folks, just wash your hands and don't let people sneeze on you. You should be doing these things anyway.


Not as significant as the health of Percy, but still notable, Alligator Army has moved behind enemy lines; Tallahassee, FL. The home office will be based here for a few months, and hopefully not much longer than that. The most noteworthy thing so far is that I've had two grown women (30 years old and above) tell me to watch out for FSU girls. One even said they'd spot me from a mile away as a non-student. (I'm slightly disturbed and excited by the idea of a group of FSU girls hunting down guys here on contract work.) On the bright side, I'm only 2 hours away from Gainesville, so I can purify myself in the waters of Lake Alice if necessary. Also, the Gator Club for Tallahassee's motto is awesome; "Civilization among the savages."