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I'm Finally Shocked By Tim Tebow

At this point, I just assume Tim Tebow can do anything. Perform minor surgery? Yeah. Kissing babies? Ok. Working in prison ministry? Sure. But this actually made me gasp;

But during a dream round with Phil Mickelson, a fellow lefty, Tebow tore up the Timuquana Country Club in West Jacksonville...Tim shot a 10-over 82 at the par-72 course while playing with Mickelson (who shot a 6-under 66) and two other PGA Tour players whose names weren't known.

WTF. An 82? In front of three pros, one of them the 2nd ranked player in the world? I can't even tee off with old ladies around and this guy shoots an 82 in front of a Masters champion. I've been playing golf since I was 10 and can't break 100 on a regular basis. (I shot 89 at Gainesville's Ironwood once. On the way home, my roommate then told me how he saw my ex fooling around with dudes at a bar the night before. That kind of killed my good feelings.) I guess if Tebow doesn't work in the NFL, he can always go to Q-school and become a golfer. Although, I don't know if the jump pass would translate to golf.