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UF Girls Plus Confetti and Breadcrumb

In another sign that this is the Golden Age of The University of Florida, 60% of the incoming freshmen are girls. While females have outnumbered males at UF for about 10 years, no class has been 60-40. Also, one of the side effects of UF becoming more selective has been a drop in the attractiveness of the student body. (I include myself in this, since my lopsided face was in the class of 2006.) But, with more females on campus, surely you'll be able to find hot chicks outside of the sororities. (I say this as a GDI who managed to date two sorority girls, which is not for everyone.)

Speaking of dating hot chicks, The Random Tandem, Confetti and Breadcrumb have dropped their last Gainesville-based video; "I Hate Bees". The boys are headed to New York, leaving Titletown with a lack of ridiculously sexy, tight pants. While "I Hate Bees" lacks the packs of hot chicks that normally follow Confetti and Breadcrumb around, like in "Beards" and "Sideboob", the production values are much better.