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All Things End Badly, Otherwise They Wouldn't End

Such is true of being with good looking women and sports, which we got both of last night. When the final out was made by Washington, sweeping the Gators out of the Women's College World Series Championship Series, it would have been instinct to yell and scream. But that's reserved for football and basketball. When the team looks like your girlfriend or wife, daughter or sister, your first instinct is to console them. There will be a lot of that coming up, as UF has fallen short again. But Softball continues to improve under Tim Walton, who has built a national powerhouse.

UF can take some comfort in that all great teams have to fall first. The Cowboys had to lose the Ice Bowl and Super Bowl V. The Bulls had to lose to the Celtics and Pistons. The Gators had to lose to Auburn in 06 and Ole Miss in 08. As for changes, Stacey Nelson and UF's starting catcher, centerfielder and first baseman are all seniors. It is entirely possible UF is back in Oklahoma City in 2010. For now, that's the only think that can keep their spirits up.