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Tim Tebow 4.0: What's Left In The Tank?

In each season in Gainesville, Tim Tebow has had to play different roles. From Secret Weapon, Only Weapon, to Ultimate Warrior, Tebow has been stretched and pulled beyond the means of the average player. When the season needed to be saved, he grabbed the jumper cables. When their most outstanding talent was out, Tebow was flawless against Alabama. Against Oklahoma, he kept his head, despite mistakes, while his opposite was left sucking wind after throwing into double coverage again.

As Tebow enters his final season, he will again take a new role. We don't know what that is yet and maybe someone will ask him about it at SEC Media Days today. (Although it's more likely he is asked who he thinks was the SEC coach who did not vote for him to be SEC Preseason First Team QB.) Tebow could become a legend in our time or fall horribly short of another National Championship. But the thing he needs to figure out now is, how much he has left in the tank. Last year took a lot out of our boy. To comeback with a bullseye on his back, bigger than before, will further zap his strength. He is not perfect and he is not indistructable.

The question of what Tebow has left can consume this team. If he starts to slip, the dominoes could fall and we get to watch Oklahoma and Ohio State sneak into another National Championship game. If he can conserve himself, like the late 1990s Bulls and Yankees, teams that knew the value of turning it on and off, the Gators will win and Tebow will be successful. If in the absence of Percy Harvin, Tebow decides to do too much, Florida will ultimately be hurt.

Tomorrow's media time with Tebow could start to answer these concerns. But knowing Tebow, it will just get us amped up for Tebow to again destroy all opponents.