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Spurrier's Assistant Snubbed Tebow

Our long SEC nightmare is over. It was a (probably jealous) football employee at South Carolina, according to Steve Spurrier at SEC Media Days. Via Team Speed Kills;

"In actuality, I didn't do much voting at all. I didn't fill the sheet out." Thursday morning, saw it in the paper. Looked at quickly and signed off on it after director of operations filled it out. "I apologize to Tim Tebow. We should not have screwed that up." Tried to change selection. Able to change his vote to Tebow in today. "So it's unanimous. ... Tim Tebow is not only the best quarterback in this league, he's the best quarterback in this country." Apologizes again. "I messed it up. I take full blame for it."

Of course, we all wanted Lane Kiffin or Les Miles to be the offender, but that it was Spurrier and a mistake, takes all the air out of the balloon.