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Percy Needs To Get Paid

Percy Harvin is not yet signed by the Minnesota Vikings, so he is not at training camp. While wondering if Brett Favre would come back, the Vikes have been negotiating with Harvin. You would think that Percy is doing what any first round draft pick should do; get paid and damn the consequences. Harvin knows that your rookie contract is the only time when the NFL can't screw you. In a league with the least player rights, the NFL Draft's lack of a real slotting systems for salaries means Harvin could be demanding top-10 money, not top-20. Harvin will also make the case that he deserves more than the nearly $14 million ($7.8 guaranteed) that the guys around him got paid, since they are linemen.

But Percy needs to be in camp. Not only is he missing precious time in meetings and drills, he will come across as a selfish prima donna. That may be true of all wide receivers, but you can't expose it immediately. Coming into camp now at least shows he wants to play and he will win the support of his teammates.